96 cells large size mono black solar panels 500w

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  • Brand: Amso Solar
  • Model: AS500M-96
  • Type: Mono
  • Max. Power: 500w
  • Size: 1956*1310*40mm
  • Lead Time: 10 days
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Certificated: TUV/CE/CEC/SEC/CQC/ISO
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    Monocrystalline solar panels 96 cells 500w high efficiency high power used for off-gird & on-grid for residential or commercial usage on roof or ground solar power system.

    Currently, mono 500w has the largest dimension (1956*1310*40mm) and the highest power (460w-500w) among all full cell solar panels. It has 96 full 158.75mm size cells (G1) that arrange in 8 columns and 12 rows. Many manufacturers have single production lines that have a requirement towards the dimension of solar panels. For example, the production line for solar panels with 6 columns can not produce solar panels with 8 columns. In this case, 96 cells solar panels with 8 columns can only be produced by manual work. Amso Solar has both production line and manual production that are able to offer customers more alternatives.

    96 cells large size mono black solar panels 500w-1
    96 cells large size mono black solar panels 500w-2
    Mechanical Characteristics
    Solar Cell  mono
    No.of Cells  96
    Dimensions  1956*1310*40mm
    Weight  26kgs
    Front  3.2mm tempered glass
    Frame  anodized aluminium alloy
    Junction Box  IP67/IP68 (4 bypass diodes)
    OutputCables  4mm2 ,
    symmetrical length
    (-)1000mm and (+)1000mm
    Connectors MC4 compatible
     Mechanical load test 5400Pa
    Packing Configuration  
    Container 20'GP 40'GP
    Pieces per pallet 26 26
    Pallets per container 8 17
    Pieces per container 208 540
    96 cells large size mono black solar panels 500w-3
    Model Type Power(W) NO. of Cells Dimensions(MM) Weight(KG) Vmp(V) Imp(A) Voc(V) Isc(A)
    500 96 1956*1310*40 26 51.2 9.77 62.8 10.08
    Standard test conditions: measured values(atmosphiric mass AM.5, irradiance 1000W/m2, battery temperature 25℃)        
    Temperature rating
    Limit parameter    
    Nominal Operating Cell Temperature(NOCT)
    45±2℃ Operating Temperature  -40-+85℃  
    Temperature Coefficient of Pmax
    -0.4%/℃ Maximum System Voltage  1000/1500VDC  
    Temperature Coefficient of Voc
    -0.29%/℃ Maximum Series Fuse Rating  20A  
    Temperature Coefficient of Isc

    Amso Solar Top-class Warranty for Solar Panels:

    1: First year 97%-97.5% power output.

    2: Ten years 90% power output.

    3: 25 years 80.2%-80.7% power output.

    4: 12 years product warranty.

    Quality Control System
    Factory Environment

    1: This large size mono solar panels have 96 cells with 6*16 cells array, which contributes to the increase in both size (1956*1310*40mm) and power range (420w-500w).
    2: 96 cells solar panels significantly reduce the required installation space and potential installation costs.
    3: It uses the similar production technique as standard solar panels. There are little adjustments required when it comes application or installation.

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