What is off-grid system?

An off-grid solar system is also called stand alone system, it generates electricity from sunlight instead of getting power from utility, therefore, saves you electricity bills.

An off-grid solar system mainly includes:

  1. Solar panels: convert sunlight into electricity
  2. Controller: regulates the voltage and current from solar panel to battery
  3. Battery: restores electricity enable the system to run when there is less sunlight
  4. Inverter: converts DC power to AC power

How it works

To run a residential off-grid system for example:

  1. Caculate the total power you will need to run all appliances
  2. Determine how many batteries you required based on step one
  3. Decide how many solar panels needed in your system
  4. Choose a controller depends on your budget
  5. Add an inverter to transfer DC into AC