9BB 144 half cells solar panels all black mono 450w

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  • Brand: Amso Solar
  • Model: ASSU-450M
  • Max. Power: 450w
  • Size: 2115*1052*35mm
  • Lead Time: 10 days
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Certificated: TUV/CE/CEC//SGS/SEC/CQC/ISO
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    9BB 166mm Cell Monocrystalline Half Cell Solar Panels High Efficiency Better Performance For off-gird & on-grid Solar Power System.

    All black half cell 450w solar panel is called all black because it has black cells, black backsheet, and black frame. It presents a whole black appearance which makes it a perfect option if the installation background(roof, wall, etc.) is dark. All black solar panels certainly cost more than normal solar panels(with white backsheet and silvery frame) if thinking of cost-effectiveness, normal half cell 450w is a better selection.

    Mechanical Characteristics
    Solar Cell Mono
    No.of Cells 72(6×24)
    Dimensions 2115*1052*35mm
    Weight 20.5kgs
    Front Glass 3.2mm tempered glass
    Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
    Junction Box IP67/IP68
    OutputCables 4mm2,
    symmetrical length
    (-)300mm and (+)300mm
    Connectors MC4 compatible
     Mechanical load test 5400Pa
    Packing Configuration
    Container 20'GP 40'GP
    Pieces per pallet 27 27&31
    Pallets per container 10 22
    Pieces per container 270 638
    Model Type Power(W) NO. of Cells Dimensions(MM) Weight(KG) Vmp(V) Imp(A) Voc(V) Isc(A)
    AS450M-144 450 144 2115*1052*35 25 42.6 10.58 49.3 11.05
    Standard test conditions:measured values(atmosphiric mass AM.5,irradiance 1000W/m2,battery temperature 25℃)
    Temperature rating Limit parameter
    Rated battery operating temperature  45±2℃ Operating temperature -40-+85℃
    Maximum power temperature coefficient -0.4%/℃ Maximum system voltage 1000/1500VDC
    Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient -0.29%/℃ Maximum fuse rated current 15A
    Short circuit current temperature coefficient -0.05%/℃      

    Amso Solar Top-class Warranty for Standardized Solar Panels:

    1: First year 97% power output.

    2: Five years 90%  power output.

    3: 25 years 80% power output.

    4: 12 years product warranty.

    Quality Control System
    Factory Environment

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