Small size customized mono solar panels 110w120w130w

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  • Brand: Amso Solar
  • Model: AS110P-36
  • Type: Customized Poly
  • Power Range: 110w-130w
  • Size: 1005*670*35mm
  • Lead Time: 10 days
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Certificated: TUV/CE/CEC/SEC/CQC/ISO
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    small size poly blue solar panels 110w120w130w all good quality for on-grid or off-grid solar power system can be used for residential or business application on roof or ground.

    Mechanical Characteristics
    Solar  Cell poly
    No.of  Cells customized
    Dimensions customized
    Weight 7.6-9.3 kgs
    Front 3.2mm tempered glass
    Frame anodized aluminium alloy
    Junction Box IP65/IP67/IP68 (1-2 bypass diodes)
    Output Cables 4mm2 ,
    symmetrical length
    (-)900mm and (+)900mm 
    Connectors MC4 compatible
    Mechanical load test 5400Pa
    Highly Customizable
    Mini size customized mono solar panels 10w-15w008

    Small size solar panels are also called customized solar panels which means they are higly customizable, you decide how the solar panels will be as following:

    1: Types of solar cells: mono or poly;
    2: Number of cells: 1/2 cutted, 1/3 cutted, 1/4 cutted;
    3: TPT backsheet: white, black or other;
    4: EVA film: white or color;
    5: Frame: the length, the width, the thickness, the color;
    6: Juction box: IP level(65-68), brand;
    7: Cable: the length(null-1meter), the width;
    8: Connectors: MC4, anderson, clips;

    Model Type Power(W) No. of Cells  Dimensions(MM) Weight(KG) Vmp(V) Imp(A) Voc(V) Isc(A)
    AS110P-36 110 36(4*9) 1005*670*35 7.6 18.5  5.95  22.5  6.44 
    AS120P-36 120 36(4*9) 1120*670*35 8.5 18.4  6.53  22.5  7.02 
    AS130P-36 130 36(4*9) 1230*670*35 9.3 18.4  7.07  22.4  7.64 

    *Standard test conditions:measured values(atmosphiric mass AM.5, irradiance 1000W/m2, battery temperature 25℃)

    Temperature Rating
    Limit Parameter
    Nominal Operating Cell Temperature(NOCT)   45±2℃ Operating Temperature  -40-+85℃ 
    Temperature Coefficient of Pmax   -0.4%/℃ Maximum System Voltage  1000/1500VDC 
    Temperature Coefficient of Voc   -0.29%/℃ Maximum Series Fuse Rating   10A 
    Temperature Coefficient of Isc   -0.05%/℃  
    Quality Control System
    Factory Environment

    1: small size solar panels are also called customized solar panels which means the dimensions, the color, the cell’s size, the voltage and almost everything are customizable.
    2: when speaking of size and voltage, small size solar panels are more suitable and convenient for residential off-grid solar power system, for example, 5-10v solar light system for garden.
    3: Because of the small size, the maintenance (when there is snow or dirt) as well as the installation work of small solar panels are much more easier than large panels.

    Q1: How many pieces will be filled in one container?
    A1: Because the size of small size solar panels is customized, we cannot tell an accurate number. For the size of our reference above, it will be at least a thousand pieces.
    Q2: Do the small size solar panels have the same quality with standard solar panels?
    A2: Yes! The main components of both small size and standard size solar panels are almost the same. The differences are about the size and the options of the components.
    Q3: How about the warranty of small size solar panels?
    A3: Generally speaking, standard or large solar panels have a longer warranty than small size solar panels. This is because of the fact that standard production processes guarantee stable quality.

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